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Let us help you plan for different lifestyle and financial goals
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Local GoalStandard Funds

Let’s get you access to multi-manager local investment solutions where goals-based investing helps you meet your personal and lifestyle goals.

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The combined local experience and expertise across a team of managers will be focused on achieving your specific goals.

To access the right local investment solution for you, have one of our financial advisors call you back.

Some of the benefits


With an outcome-based approach, we focus on achieving your investment and lifestyle goals

Risk diversification

Our range of asset classes and managers diversify your risk exposure


We cater to you, the conservative investor seeking steady growth in the short term

Range of options

Choose from retirement annuities to tax-free and discretionary accounts

Explore your options

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Planning a financial future for your family
Financial Planning

A financial plan, like any other, falls flat unless you take all the steps needed to reach your goal. That is why we focus on aligning your financial goals with your life goals.

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Global GoalStandard Funds

Achieve your dreams by having access to global financial markets.