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Making purchases 3 Feb 2020

Buy data

Learn how to buy data using the app
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To begin, go to your home screen and select Buy.

home dashboard - select Buy
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Next, select Data.

buy - prepaid data
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Now select your service provider.

data service provider on Andriod
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Select the bundle you want to buy. 

You can also enter your own amount, if you prefer.

buy data - service provider bundles
Step 5 of 8

Enter your cellphone number.

You can also enter somebody else's number if you want to buy them data.

buy data - purchase details
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Select REVIEW.

buy data - review details
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Finally, select CONFIRM.

buy data - review details
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All done! 

You can follow the same steps to buy airtime and SMS bundles too.

buy data - successful message (Confirmation)
How to buy airtime using the app on iOS