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Credit Score add on

Get monthly updates of your credit score, without affecting your credit record
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  • To begin, sign into your Banking App on your mobile device
  • You will land on your Banking App home screen
  • Then select the Add-on Store icon (in the top left-hand corner)
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  • You are now in the Add-on Store
  • Select the search icon (in the top right-hand corner)
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  • Type "Credit score" into the search bar
  • You will now see the Credit Score add-on tile
  • Select the ADD button
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  • Your Credit Score add-on is now loaded onto your Banking App home screen
  • Select DONE to return to your home screen
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Your Credit Score add-on will now appear in the Add-ons drawer (in the lower section of your home screen).

Hint: You can swipe up on this section to see all your add-ons

Now let's show you how to use your Credit Score add-on ...

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The Credit Score add-on gives you monthly updates of your credit score, trends relating to your score and personalized tips on how to improve your score, without affecting your record.

Tap on the Credit Score tile to view more details about your credit history.

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You will now see a more detailed breakdown of your credit score, like how your score has changed over the past 3 months.

Next, scroll down to view more information.

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Here you can view how your credit score compares to other customers within your age group, as well as Did you know cards to give you more information about credit scores.

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The credit score presented to you is provided by Experian. If you have any questions about your score, you will find contact details for Experian here.

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Now tap on TIPS to get information to improve your credit score over time.

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Here you will see tips specific to you, based on your previous behaviour. They will guide you on how to improve your credit score over time.

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Now tap on VIEW ALL TIPS to get a view of general factors that could influence your credit score.

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Read through the various tips.

When you are ready, select the back arrow to go return to the previous screen.

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All done! Select the back arrow to return to your home screen.

Once you’ve put some of the tips into practice, return to your Credit Score add-odd-on in a month’s time to see how your credit score has improved.

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