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Change your daily and monthly ATM limits

Learn how to change your daily and monthly ATM withdrawal limits here on the App!
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To begin, go to your home screen and select Manage.

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Select Cards.

manage cards
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Now select card list menu option.

manage cards_card list menu
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Select the card you want to manage.
manage cards_card list select
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Here you can see many types of card settings you can change.

Scroll down and select Daily ATM limit.

card settings
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Select Daily ATM limit.

card limits - Daily ATM limit
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Enter your new daily ATM limit.

Hint: you can set this amount to a maximum of R 10 000.

edit daily ATM limit
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Then select DONE.

edit EAP limit_Done
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If you also want to change your monthly ATM limit, return to your card settings by selecting the back button.

daily ATM limit success message
How to change your daily and monthly ATM withdrawal limits on Android