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Getting to know the app 30 Sep 2021

Edit your account views

Hide or show your accounts or balances and edit your account nickname
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To begin, go to your home screen and select EDIT.

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On the Edit Accounts screen you can change the order in which your accounts are displayed.

Select the gripper icon of the  account you wish to move and drag it into your chosen position and let go. You can do this for all your accounts until they appear in an order that suits you.

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Now to change:

  • which of your accounts are displayed
  • the account details displayed on the account tile
  • your account nickname

select the gear icon next to the account you wish to edit

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For your selected account you can now choose to:

  • show or hide your account balance
  • show or hide your account
  • edit your Account nickname
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Let's choose to hide this account by selecting the Show account toggle-off option.

You will see a confirmation message that your change has been successfully applied.

Select the back button when you are done.

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The hide icon account will now be displayed for the account that you have chosen to hide .

Select the back button to return to our home screen.

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You will no longer see your hidden account on your home screen until you choose to show it again.

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You can also choose to edit the nickname of your account(s) by tapping on the pencil icon

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Now you can Rename your account to a nickname you like and select OK when you are done

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You will see your account name has changed when you return to the home screen.

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Should you choose to hide your account balance, select the Show balance toggle-off option.

You will see a confirmation message that your change has been successfully applied.

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Now when you return to the home screen, you will see that your account balances are hidden.