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Getting to know the app 1 Jun 2021

Get a Flexible Funeral Plan quote

Tailor your funeral plan cover to meet your needs, when faced with a life-changing event
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To begin, select the Explore (purple compass icon on the top left) in the navigation bar on your home screen.

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Now scroll down to the Insure what matters section and select APPLY NOW on the Flexible Funeral Plan card.

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Read the Highlights and Exclusions.

When you are ready, select the GET QUOTE.

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You first need to complete the details for the Main Member on your plan.

To start, you must select your Gender and enter the Cover Amount you want.



The Total benefits for your cover amount and optional benefits may not exceed R100 000 per life insured

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Next you will then have to follow the prompts to select the Optional Benefits that you would like to include in your plan to the cover costs for:

  • Memorial service
  • Catering costs
  • Monthly grocery budget
  • Repatriation
  • Airtime

Remember that the Total benefits for your cover amount and these optional benefits may not exceed R100 000 per life insured.

Select NEXT to complete or to step through these optional benefits.

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Last but not lease select your Automatic benefit increase option for your annual cover and benefits increments.

When you are ready select GET QUOTE.

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A Quote for your total monthly premium will be generated and displayed.

You can review your plan and still opt to change your cover and benefits by selecting the pencil icon.

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All done, you have your quote for your Flexible Funeral Plan!


To take up this offer (quote) you must select BUY NOW to finalise your plan by:

  • adding your beneficiary/beneficiaries; and
  • completing your payment details