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New feature 15 Nov 2023

Get a Flexible LifePlan cover

Enjoy a customisable life policy that can be tailored to your budget and preferences
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To begin, select the Explore (purple compass icon on the top left) in the navigation bar on your home screen.

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Now scroll down to the Insure what matters section and select the Life & Personal option.

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Next select APPLY NOW on the Flexible Life Plan card.

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Read the Highlights and Exclusions.

When you are ready, select APPLY NOW to start your journey.

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Complete the details for the Main Member (yourself) on your plan.


Updates made to the information provided will be used to maintain your Insurance profile and will not update your banking profile.

Please visit your nearest branch for assistance in this regard.

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Read and accept the terms of our Privacy Statement and select NEXT when you are ready.


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Now complete your personal details:

  • Id number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender


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Next, enter the Cover Amount you want and select Cashback toggle to choose “Yes” or “No” for the cashback benefit.


The Total Cover amount may not exceed R500 000 per life insured

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Select your automatic benefit increase option for your annual cover and benefits increments.

When you are ready, select NEXT to proceed.

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A Quote for your total monthly premium will be generated and displayed.

Here you can review your plan and still change your cover and benefits by opening the accordion and selecting EDIT COVER.

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All done, you have your quote for your Flexible Life Plan!

To take up this offer (quote) select CONTINUE.

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Now answer the 3 medical questions and select NEXT to proceed to the next page.



If you have selected "Yes" to one of the medical questions you cannot take up the cover and we will offer you a quote for an alternative Simple Life Plan cover

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Then select Yes to the Honestly Declaration to acknowledge that you have answered all questions honestly.

Select NEXT to proceed.

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Congratulations, you qualify for a Flexible Life Plan policy!

As an existing Standard Bank customer, to finalise your policy online simply select CONTINUE ONLINE.

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Now add and enter your Beneficiary’s details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Allocation (percentage)

You can add up to 5 beneficiaries.

When you are done, select NEXT.



A beneficiary is the person who receives the funds in the event of the main insured’s passing

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Here you can review all your plan details, and still edit beneficiaries by selecting the pencil icon.

When you are ready, select Get Policy to purchase the policy.

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Now you need to provide your payment details:

  • Account holder details
  • Bank account details from which you will pay the premium from, and your preferred debit order date

When you are done, select  NEXT.



This policy can be paid from ANY bank account, there is no requirement that you must have a Standard Bank account!

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Finally read and accept all the regulatory agreements by selecting all four check boxes.

Then select NEXT.

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Congratulations, you now own a Flexible Life Plan.

You will receive an email with your policy document.


Select BACK TO DASHBOARD to return to you home screen.