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Managing your money 11 Apr 2023

My360 add-on

Track all your assets, liabilities and risk cover to view your net wealth
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  • To begin, sign into your Banking App on your mobile device
  • You will land on your Banking App home screen
  • Then select the Add-on Store icon (in the top left-hand corner)
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  • You are now in the Add-on Store
  • Select the search icon (in the top right-hand corner)
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  • Type "My360" into the search bar
  • You will now see the My360 add-on tile
  • Select the ADD button
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  • Your My360 add-on is now loaded onto your Banking App home screen
  • Select DONE to return to your home screen
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Your My360 add-on will now appear in the Add-ons drawer (in the lower section of your home screen).

Hint: You can swipe up on this section to see all your add-ons.

Now tap the light blue text to activate My360.

Note: If you’re a first-time user, you’ll require a valid SA ID/passport number to go through a quick authentication process.

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Firstly, you will need to view and ACCEPT THE TERMS & CONDITIONS to proceed to your My360 add-on dashboard.

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Next you will see pop-up with a quick overview of the benefits of the My360 feature. Tap on NEXT to step through each one.

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The OVERVIEW tab provides an updated valuation of your portfolio. On this dashboard you can view your:​

  • Net Wealth graph: for your net wealth gained/lost the past 3 months​
  • Net Wealth Breakdown​
  • Asset Allocation

​Select the help icon (?) to view useful financial insights and a description of each section.​

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Next, simply tap on the graph to view your Net wealth value at the selected date.

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Now let's tap on the Net Wealth Breakdown option.

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On the Net Wealth screen, you will see a breakdown of your Assets and Liabilities for your onshore and offshore holdings, for the accounts and assets which you have linked.​

​You can toggle between your combined portfolio view and the filtered views for your onshore or offshore holdings.​

Use the back button to return to your home screen.

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Next, let's tap on the Asset Allocation option.

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Here you can view your asset allocation segmented into assets classes for your onshore and offshore holdings.

You can toggle between your combined portfolio view and the filter views for your onshore or offshore holdings.

Use the back button to return to your home screen.

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Finally, you also have the option to download a view of your Total Net Wealth in PDF format.

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On the Accounts and Assets screen, you need link your accounts to effortlessly provide an overview of your combined net wealth.

These account include your:

  • Standard Bank Group accounts
  • Other financial institutions
  • local and global investments: Easy Equities, Satrix, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley etc.

Simply tap on the +LINK ACCOUNTS button, and follow the prompts …

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You can exclude any accounts that are linked to your portfolio.​

​These accounts will then be listed on the HIDDEN tab and will not be included in the valuation of your current net wealth or history.

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Finally, on the MORE screen, you will be able to:

  • receive Notifications of actions you need to take, like as checking the sign in credentials on your accounts
  • watch some great Masterclass videos if you’d like more in-depth info about using the My360 feature
  • either WhatsApp us, speak to a My360 expert for a financial advisor – we’re always ready to assist you.

We’re only a call away!

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You can also:

  • view our FAQs
  • use a currency converter
  • view our Terms & Conditions

ALL done! When you are ready select the back arrow button to return to your My360 dashboard (home screen).

With My360’s easy-to-use Save & Invest feature, you can set, track, and reach your financial goals with ease. This all-in-one app also allows you to effortlessly choose your investments and tailor them to your needs.