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Getting to know the app 22 Nov 2021

Take a quick tour of the banking app

Your banking app has loads of useful features! Here's an overview of where to find them
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After you sign in you'll first see your dashboard which shows all your linked accounts and other products you might have with us.

Hint: You can select the Home button (in the bottom navigation) to return to your home screen at any time.

home dashboard
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Selecting an account tile will take you to your account details.

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Here you can view your account details and various actions you can take, such as making payments or transfers.

Let's return to your home screen.

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Now let's see what's in Manage.

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From the Manage menu you can:

  • view your Card details and update your card limits
  • update your monthly online payment limit (EAP)
  • update your Beneficiaries
  • approve, reject or reverse your Debit orders

Now let's see what's in Transact.

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The Transact menu contains options to pay somebody, make transfers, or send money vouchers. Keep in mind that these options may differ depending on which country you live in.

Let's go to the Pay screen next.

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From the Pay screen you can pay individuals, businesses, or send money overseas.

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Next, let's go to Transfer.

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From the Transfer screen you can easily move money between your accounts and review your recent transfers.

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Next, let's take a look at Send.

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This is where you create Instant Money vouchers that beneficiaries can use to withdraw money from ATMs or shops.

Now let's go to the Buy section.

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From the Buy section you can top up your phone's data and airtime. If you live in SA you can also play LOTTO and buy electricity here.

Finally, let's go to the More menu.

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From the More menu you will be able to:

  • switch dashboards
  • open a new account
  • change your setting preferences
  • sign-out of the app at any time

Now let's select your profile (on the top), to take a look at your profile information.

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From your Profile screen you can

  • change your Sign-in details
  • Link & secure your profile with DigiMe
  • view your Personal details

To return to the Home screen, select the back arrow (in the header) which will take you back to the previous screen.

Then select Home in the bottom navigation.

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All done!

Why not take a few minutes to further explore the app and find out what else you can do?

home dashboard