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Managing your money 12 Sep 2022

Save & Invest add-on

Create and keep track of your money goals and investments in a few easy steps
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  • To begin, sign into your Banking App on your mobile device
  • You will land on your Banking App home screen
  • Then select the Add-on Store icon (in the top left-hand corner)
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  • You are now in the Add-on Store
  • Select the search icon (in the top right-hand corner)
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  • Type "Save & Invest" into the search bar
  • You will now see the Save & Invest add-on tile
  • Select the ADD button
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  • Your Save & Invest add-on is now loaded onto your Banking App home screen
  • Select DONE to return to your home screen
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Your Save & Invest add-on will now appear in the Add-ons drawer (in the lower section of your home screen).

Now let's show you how to use your Save & Invest add-on ... tap on the tile.



As a first-time user, you will require a valid SA ID number to go through a quick authentication process.

Once you have been authenticated, you will see that you can now view and create goals (shown on the Save & Invest tile).

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The Save & Invest add-on helps you set goals for your money–whether you’d like to invest it or reach a goal amount for your dream holiday.

You can also watch our masterclass to help you better understand goal-based investing.

Let’s tap on the Invest an amount to get started.

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Now fill in the details of the amount you’re investing and for how long you would like to invest.

Tap Next to continue.

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You can now tap on a product tile to learn more about each product offering.

Let’s select the GoalDefender Fund - Low risk tile as our product option, and then tap on NEXT to continue.

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Now you’ll be able to view the estimated outcome of your investment (for your selected product) based on your contributions over a certain period.

At this point you can still view other product options and/or Edit your contribution.


When you’re ready, select Invest now to continue.

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This is a confirmation of your investment highlighting your:

  • contributions
  • fees; and
  • duration (term) of your investment

You can download the necessary documents for a detailed view of your investment plan.

Tap Next to continue.

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Now you need to confirm your account and personal details to finalise your investment goal with STANLIB.

Tap Submit to continue.

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All done! Your goal has now been submitted and you can sit back and relax while we process your investment.

Remember you can contact us if you need help or have any questions.

Select Done to return to your Save & Invest dashboard.

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On your Save & Invest dashboard, you’ll see all your investment goals that you have created.

Here you will be able to track your investment growth and see how close you are to achieving your goals!

Finally select the back arrow to return to your home screen on the banking App.