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Keeping your money safe 1 May 2022

Supercharge your security with DigiME

Making your app even safer and easier to use by uploading a scan of your face and ID
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We've introduced a new security feature to protect and make your app experience even better.

To begin select More on the bottom navigation.

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Next, select the DigiME option.

Note (as an alternative option):

  • If this option is not available here, select your profile option (on the top)
  • Then select the Link & secure your profile option on the Profile screen 
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Ok, now select the HOME OR WORK button.

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Get your ID document out and get ready to start. When you ready select NEXT.

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Now enter your ID number and select NEXT when you are done.

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Select the type of ID document you have in your possession. In this example we will select the GREEN ID BOOK.

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Place you ID document on a flat surface. Position your phone over the document.

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Move the phone UP, DOWN or sideways so that the important ID information fits the red frame. All the frames need to be green to ensure that your ID is scanned successfully.

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Select CONFIRM if you happy that there is a clear scanned copy of your ID.

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Next we need to do a live scan of your face. Follow the on screen instructions and then select NEXT when you are ready to proceed.

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Facial recognition scanning is about to begin.

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Get ready in 3 - 2 - 1 and ...

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Go… Facial recognition scanning is in progress. Follow the on screen prompts.

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Uploading your facial scan and ID information to our servers for processing.

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You are almost done. Your identity information has been uploaded and can take up to 12 hours to be verified. Select OK to continue using the app.

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If you return back to the starting screen at a later stage you may see this screen. Its ok, your identity confirmation is in progress.

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If you return back to Link & Secure and you see this screen. You are good to go.

Select OK or the back arrow at the top to return.