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Getting to know the app 1 Dec 2020

VAF: View your car loan information

Looking for your vehicle info? See your Vehicle details all in one place. Simple!
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Looking for information about your vehicle? We have much to show you.

Here, on the account tile we show you your:

  • car make & model
  • vehicle loan account number; AND
  • outstanding loan balance

But if you want more information then simply tap on the account tile.

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This is your vehicle ACCOUNT OVERVIEW. Here your Monthly instalment and outstanding loan amount will be displayed.

You can also opt to:

  • settle your loan
  • get another loan pre-approval
  • get your a cross border letter
  • use our vehicle finance calculator


Scroll down to see all the available options.


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Now let's go view your transaction history.


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On the TRANSACTIONS tab you can view 90 days of payment history, fees and interest adjustments.

Now select DETAILS to see what account information is available.

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On the DETAILS tab, you have all the information you need to know about your Vehicle finance account along with our contact details.

All done!

Finally select the back arrow to return to your home screen.