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Getting to know the app 1 Dec 2020

VAF: Get a vehicle cross border letter

Driving across the border? Need a letter?
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To generate a Cross Border Letter, start by selecting the account tile of the vehicle that you will be travelling in.
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In your vehicle account OVERVIEW, look for the widget named Cross Border Letter. Select APPLY.

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Complete the form with your vehicle details, your travel dates and countries you are visiting as well as your contact information. Once you are done select NEXT.

Note: The letter will be sent to your provided email address so make sure it is correct!

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One last check to see that you have provided all the right information. If you are satisfied, select CONFIRM.

If you need to edit some information, select the back arrow to visit the previous page.

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Success! Your cross border letter and a copy of your vehicle registration certificate will be emailed to you. Select DONE.