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Only the wise can thrive in the urban jungle.
Don’t Mize. Be #WalletWise
WalletWise for youth v2
Hustle Challenge
Flex your financial literacy muscle. Enter our Hustle Challenge and take your hustle from start-up to making zaka zaka.
Be sure to follow all our mentors for the latest updates on how you too can be financially savvy and start your own side hustle!
Does your CV stand out?

Your CV should have as much swag as you do. Make applying for jobs easier by giving your CV the magic it needs. Here are CV templates to help you.

Manage money smart
Manage money smart

Bangene ngeFinancial Flex. Budgeta kleva, it's the only way to handle your nyuku for the short- or long-term.

Cybercrime_and_avoiding _scams
Cybercrime and avoiding scams

WIFI hotspots are a potential cyber-nkunzi hotspot. Check the coast, stay alert and on top of your game. Know the latest bank scams to ...

Open a bank account

Your chankura, nyuku, zaka needs a safe keeping place. Opening a bank account helps your money do many things. Giving you the chance to save.

Responsible borrowing

Get the credit you deserve. Get to know the different types of credit and financing available for your needs.

Vehicle financing

Does your wallet have room for some vroom? Being a driver comes with a great deal of responsibility. Let’s gear you up with tips for vehicle finance.

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