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Making payments 2 Mar 2020

Receive a payment from somebody nearby via QR code

Request a payment from somebody who also uses the Standard Bank App, using a QR Code!
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To begin, go to your dashboard and select an account, such as your current account.

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Now scroll down, where you'll find a card called Request a payment.

Select CREATE.

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Enter the amount you want the nearby person to pay you.

If you like, select a different account that the money will be paid to.

Enter a reference (optional).

When you're done, select NEXT.

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Now you can choose how you want the nearby person to pay you. 

In this case, select QR Code.

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Show this QR code to the person who needs to pay you.

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The person paying you should now open the Standard Bank app on their phone and select Scan QR on the sign-in screen.

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Next, the person paying you should point their camera at your QR code and scan it.

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They should now see a payment request on their phone.

If the person with you is happy to pay, they should select ACCEPT.

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After accepting the payment request, the person paying you should sign in to their app to complete the payment.

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To confirm payment, the person paying you will need to confirm their identity (usually with an app code or a fingerprint).

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The person paying you should select REVIEW.

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The person paying you should then select CONFIRM.

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Finally, the person paying you should enter the one-time PIN we'll send to their phone.

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All done!

The person paying you should now see a message confirming that payment was successfuly.

Requesting a payment via QR code