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Create a prepaid virtual card and shop online like a pro

If you enjoy online shopping or you’re looking to manage your spending in a way that’s more flexible to your needs, using a prepaid virtual card makes life a little easier while protecting your information online.

Use your Standard Bank Virtual Card for a simple and safe way to shop online and on your favourite apps. Never has checkout been so convenient, cost-effective and hassle-free when making digital purchases and payments.

How your prepaid virtual card works

A prepaid virtual card is a digital card that you load money onto and use, in the same way you would your physical card, for payments when shopping online. Using our Banking App, you create a prepaid virtual card that has its own expiry date, unique card number and unique CVV number.

What makes our prepaid virtual card so innovative and safe is that it’s a standalone payment method that offers cutting-edge security. Since your account details and personal data aren’t attached to it, you’re protected against online security risks.

Why use a prepaid virtual card?

Besides not having to worry about your details being stolen or losing your card, our prepaid virtual card can be created instantly, is convenient and quick and can be used to pay for local or international purchases online. There are no fees attached, and you never pay transfer or transaction costs.

You can also set additional controls, such as:

  • Setting a prepaid virtual card limit to avoid going over budget
  • Using it for one-time payments and deleting it if you don’t need it
  • Using it to manage your online music, streaming and entertainment subscriptions
  • Keeping it generic or making it store specific with one of our online partners: Takealot, Uber, Travelstart, Zando and Admyt

You only need to activate your prepaid virtual card to start enjoying the benefits and ease that it offers.

How to create and use our prepaid virtual card

  1. Sign in to your Banking App.
  2. Select More and tap on Explore products.
  3. Scroll to Virtual Card and tap on Get started. Our prepaid virtual card is free to create, and there are no additional fees or transaction costs.
  4. Your prepaid virtual card will be added to your home dashboard. Go to your home screen and click on Virtual Card.
  5. Follow the instructions to complete and load money onto your card.
  6. Start shopping.

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