South Africa

Corporate Social Investment

South Africa’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme prioritises better access to education. Our intention is to support South Africa’s economic and social transformation, by helping our country’s children develop the skills and knowledge they’ll need for a new world of work.

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Report to Society

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SA Transformation report

Update on our transformation journey and performance against the pillars of the Financial Sector Code.

University of Johannesburg
University of Johannesburg

The Foundation Phase Robotics programme from UJ, exposes learners and teachers to Robotics. Our goal is to help sharpen their design solution, modelling, and investigation skills. Then create an awareness of the roles played by technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation in our country's economy.

TechnoLab - University of Johannesburg (

Sereti Institute
Seriti Institute

Seriti provides children in vulnerable communities with access to ECD programs – a service that was severely disrupted by the pandemic. The project aims to upskill and empower primary caregivers through early learning training.

Seriti Institute

Ntataise Lowveld Trust
Ntataise Lowveld Trust

We support the Ntataise Lowveld Trust which operates in the Ehlanzeni district of Mpumalanga, South Africa. It provides help, support and care for young children.

Ntataise Lowveld

National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT)

The Sandbox Schools Project , implemented by the National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT) is a multi-year research project that involves trialling approaches that deliberately and systematically incorporate skills and competencies for the future into South African public education, so that teachers and learners are better equipped for the demands of the changing world.

National Education Collaboration Trust (NECT)

Early Learning Resource Unit
The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU),

The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU), focuses on implementation of curriculum aligned STEAM subjects (Science | Technology | Engineering | Arts | Maths) into both early years care and education programmes and enable parents and caregivers to seamlessly continue the Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme activities into the home environment.

Early Learning Resource Unit (

Uplands outreach

Standard Bank has partnered with Uplands Outreach, a teacher support programme for educators in Grades 4 to 7 in numeracy, literacy and life skill, specifically located in Mpumalanga province in the Nsikazi region.

Uplands Outreach