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7 Reasons to get a credit card
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7 Reasons to get a credit card

A credit card is a must-have financial tool. Learn more about the reasons to get a credit card.

1. The convenience factor

Your credit card gives you instant access to money without you actually having to carry it around.

2. Security is top priority

The security features that go into a credit card makes it safe to not only shop online but also in-store. Payment apps like MasterPass™ make your credit card even safer, and easier, to use.  In unforeseen circumstances like in the event of death, permanent disability or dread disease your credit card balance will be covered upto R250 000 if you take up our credit card protection plan

3. Accepted worldwide

You can use your MasterCard and Visa credit card to pay for things while abroad. And if it’s super urgent, you can even withdraw cash from ATMs.

4. Build up your credit record

When applying for vehicle finance or a personal or home loan, your bank will look at your credit history. Using and paying off a credit card timeously is an easy way to build up a positive credit record. This means quicker approval for loans and possibly even lower interest rates.

5. Collect Ucount Rewards Points

Collect UCount Reward points when you use your credit card for everyday purchases. You can use these reward points with our partner retailers like Caltex

6. Easy Payment Solutions

The budget facility on a credit card means you can pay off big expenses, like an unexpected medical emergency, a new fridge or a missed flight, in monthly instalments.

7. Free travel insurance

Receive free basic travel insurance when paying for overseas flights with your credit card (along with the option of taking up additional comprehensive insurance at preferential rates).