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Steps to earn extra UCount Rewards

8 Steps to earn extra UCount Rewards

As a UCount Rewards member, you get rewarded whenever you swipe your Standard Bank Credit or Debit Card, no matter where or how you use it. That’s a good place to start, but did you know you could earn additional Rewards Points?

Maximising your Rewards Points earned means getting more back on every purchase and making the most of your Rewards Points so you can enjoy all the perks. Imagine having more chances to spoil yourself. Picture travelling to new places and creating memories, increasing your grocery basket and having access to great offers, discounts and promotions.

The good news is it’s possible, and it’s easy. Here are ways to earn those extra UCount Rewards Points.

1. Earn more Rewards Points at Rewards Retailers

You already get rewarded for everyday transactions, but when you shop at a Rewards Retailer, you earn an additional percentage back in Rewards Points.

2. Use your credit card

Pay with your Standard Bank Credit Card to earn the highest amount of Rewards Points depending on the Tier Level you’re on.

3. Choose how you want to earn up to 20%* back

Our Choose Your Own Rewards option lets you earn additional Rewards Points based on where you prefer to shop. Choose between earning Grocery Rewards, Fashion Rewards or Lifestyle Rewards.

4. Earn extra Rewards Points at Caltex

Earn up to R5* per litre back on fuel and oil when you swipe your card at Caltex.

5. Get Social Rewards for sharing

Link your Twitter account to your UCount Rewards profile, tweet using #UCount and earn Social Rewards based on how many followers you have.

6. Get Data Rewards

If you have an active Standard Bank Mobile SIM, you could get up to 2GB* data every month.

7. Achieve your goals and gain a reward

Use the UCount Rewards in-app platform on your Standard Bank app to get vouchers or Rewards Points for achieving your goals.

8. Move up a Tier Level

The amount of Rewards Points you earn is based on the Tier Level you’re on. If you want to earn more Rewards Points on your purchases, moving up a Tier Level gets you there.

Using Standard Bank products and services automatically gives you Tiering Points that put you on one of five Tier Levels. Use more of our banking products and services to get more Tiering Points to push you into a higher Tier Level and earn more Rewards Points for qualifying purchases.


View your UCount Rewards balance and current Tier Level on your Standard Bank app or your logged-in profile online or SMS ‘BALANCE’ to 45224.

UCount Rewards membership costs R25 per month. *Terms and conditions apply.

Next step

To take advantage and start earning Rewards Points, join UCount Rewards and activate your UCount Rewards card to redeem your Rewards Points.