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9 Tips to make travelling with kids easier

Going away as a family is an opportunity to share some memorable moments. Here are a few tips to make your next trip a great experience for the whole family.

1. Include everyone

Involve your children in your travel plans. Once you have chosen a destination, find out what they want to see and do. Opt for a family-friendly vacation where there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

2. Update them

Explain how long the journey will be and what they can expect. Keep reminding them of the fun adventure waiting at the end of the (long) drive or flight.

3. Preparation is key

Jot down everything you need. From important travel documents to your child’s favourite teddy: a list of all you need, and ticking things off, can help you stay on track.

4. Be aware of baggage limits

When travelling abroad, be aware of baggage limits and any vaccinations your family may need. Skip the airline queues by checking in online 24 hours in advance, and board the plane first if your airline allows families to do so.

5. Cover your risks

You may also want to consider travel insurance for your family. That way you’ll be covered if your flight is cancelled or your bags lost.

6. Pack smart

Along with the essentials, include some of your child’s favourite toys and colouring books, an iPad or tablet to watch movies and play games, and plenty of yummy (sugar-free) snacks. A basic first aid kit, sunscreen, baby wipes and hand sanitiser can also go a long way.

7. Take your time

Remember, everything with kiddies takes a little longer. Plan to do less and be patient – you’re on holiday after all.

8. Keep a record

Encourage your kids to write down or draw what they’ve seen and done. It’s a fun way to keep your children busy. Having a family camera is also a great way to remember the journey, as well as collecting postcards and travel memorabilia along the way.

9. Have fun

And lastly, remember, it's your holiday too. Make the most of child-friendly activities and holiday programmes to squeeze in some relaxation time for yourself.

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