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Cash-free payments

Standard Bank’s advanced new range of payment options mean you can pay for goods and services more safely and cleanly than ever before.

Traditional payment options like cash, cheques or credit cards can be easily lost, stolen, or even simply unhygienic. This is why we’ve worked hard to bring you newer alternatives, letting you pay safely and conveniently, with options to suit our modern lifestyles.

Tap to Pay

Never hand your card to a stranger again! With Tap to Pay, you can pay for any transaction by touching your card to the mobile paypoint. No PIN is required for transactions under R500, so you never even need to touch the paypoint. Tap to Pay is the safest way to use your card.

Virtual Card

Online shopping is on the rise, which means you will need to enter your credit card details into more online forms than ever before, and that can feel like a risk. But with a Virtual Card from Standard Bank, you get a secure way to transact with any ecommerce site, without needing to use your actual credit card. Load only as much money as you need for each transaction, and rest secure in the knowledge that a virtual card can never be lost or stolen.

Samsung Pay

With the Samsung Pay app loaded onto a compatible mobile device, you can now pay for your purchases by simply tapping your phone onto the vendor’s mobile paypoint. Your phone is already central to your work and leisure, now you can use it to pay for your shopping as well.


This increasingly popular payment app lets you easily pay any participating vendor. Avoid carrying cash by simply opening the SnapScan app and using it to scan the barcode printed on your bill, or displayed on the counter, confirm the amount you wish to pay, and tap to pay directly from your bank account.


Masterpass is an online payment solution that saves you from ever having to enter credit card details again. Install the app and link your bank cards, and you are ready to go. Simply tap or click the Masterpass icon on the checkout screen to begin payment, verify your identity by entering a PIN and complete the transaction.