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Use one bank to transact, save and invest with

Use one bank to transact, save and invest with

Bank accounts are financial tools to serve your needs and help you achieve your goals. Having specific accounts for specific purposes is like having the right tool for the right job, and when they’re all housed under the same roof, it could make your money management more effective.

No matter how many accounts you have, having them all at the same bank is convenient and gives you the freedom to manage your money your way while creating the best fit for whatever your finance needs are. The key is to see which combination suits your lifestyle and financial goals. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why having multiple accounts at the same bank could work for you.

It puts you in control

A bank account should serve your needs and help you achieve your goals. That’s why it could be beneficial to have specific accounts for specific purposes. For example, a transactional account is used for your everyday needs and when you need more frequent access to your money while a savings account helps make it easier to achieve your savings targets. Having both and keeping them separate helps you organise your finances into money that needs to be available for your spending and expenses, and money that’s going to help you grow your wealth.

You could get more perks

Having multiple accounts gives you the opportunity to benefit fully from each account. For example, with our transactional accounts, you can earn UCount Rewards Points, enjoy lifestyle and travel benefits or enjoy support and advice from our financial specialists. Having a separate savings or investment account gives you the chance to earn more interest to grow your money faster.

If you have personal and business accounts

If you have a business and a private account, having both with us lets you benefit from the ease and convenience of having it all under one roof but still keeping them separate. You can manage it from a single platform with our banking app so that you’re always on top of what your money is doing, and you get to capitalise on a wider range of benefits, as well as your relationship with us.

It’s convenient and easy to use

Everything is in one place, making it simple, safe and secure to manage your money from any one of our self-service channels. There’s no need to go to a different location or remember multiple passwords; all your needs are taken care of then and there with facilities that you’re familiar and comfortable with. Your transfers are immediate, and you can open new accounts or make changes to your banking products quickly, whenever you want and wherever you are.

It shows you’re creditworthy

If you successfully manage multiple accounts, it shows that you can manage money well, which could positively impact your credit score and make it easier next time you need to apply for a loan or financing.

It helps you meet multiple goals

When you have multiple accounts with the same bank, it gives you the opportunity to expand your financial abilities. Having both a transactional account and savings account means you can organise your finances purposefully into designated accounts for saving and for spending.

If you have different goals for the short, medium or long term, having multiple accounts dedicated to each goal or category makes it easier to set aside money for specific reasons and keep track of how each one is growing. Instead of having it all pooled together, it could help you organise your goals and what your money needs to do to reach them.

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