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Who you are and where you’re going should matter to the people you bank with. Whatever your next, we’d love to come along for the journey.

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Your rules

Securely manage, send, save or invest your money how and where you choose to

Your world

Bank at home or abroad, with the cheque or credit card, or digital wallet you prefer

Your time

Rely on secure banking services, from your desk or couch, on the move or overseas

Your future

Protect and grow your wealth locally or offshore with the help of investment experts
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Open a bank account

Compare the variety of bank accounts we offer to find the one that works best for you.

Get a credit card

Compare the features and benefits of our cards, and apply online for the one that reflects your lifestyle.

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Open a savings or investment account

Use filter and comparison tools to see which accounts let you save and access your money the way you want to.

debit order switching
Debit order switching

We can switch your debit order quickly and easily

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Buy foreign exchange

Get your foreign notes or TravelWallet delivered, make cross-border transfers or buy forex on your phone.

Standard Bank Mobile V2
Get a Standard Bank SIM card

Get your bank account fees back in airtime

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Get a digital wallet

Store, send and spend money safely with a digital wallet that works like a basic bank account on your phone.

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Get a prepaid Gift card

Say ‘I care’ with a prepaid gift card that can be used wherever Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted.

Shariah Banking Content Tile
Open a Shari’ah investment account

Try a Shari'ah compliant investment alternative that's open to customers of all religions.

Non-resident banking content tile
Non-resident banking

Whether you’re a South African emigrant or a foreign citizen looking to bank in SA from another country, you can bank with us seamlessly across borders.

Temporary resident banking content tile
Temporary resident banking

If you’ve come to live or work in SA from outside of the Common Monetary Area of Namibia, Lesotho and eSwatini, your permit is the key to all our banking services.

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Explore international solutions

Open an account with our international banking service based in the Isle of Man.

Learn more about managing your money
Managing your money
An Introduction to Unit Trust Investments
Tips to select the best bank accounts

Use our four pointers to ensure you’re choosing the best bank account to meet your personal needs.

Credit cards
7 Reasons to Get a Credit Card
7 Reasons to get a credit card

A credit card is a must-have financial tool. Learn more about the reasons to get a credit card.

What You Need to Know About Buying Forex?
Forex buying tips

Planning an international holiday? Don’t forget to buy your forex. Here are a few tips to help when purchasing currency for your next trip.

Managing your money
Manage Expenses with an Overdraft Loan
Five Steps to improve your credit score

Do you have a healthy credit score? If your credit score is bad, the good news is that you can always improve your credit health. Here are five steps to help.

The Difference Between Saving and Investments
The difference between savings and investments

You need to save and invest to provide for the life of your dreams. Saving and investing has different purposes but both are important to ensure you reach your short, medium and long-term financial goals.