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Getting to know the app 8 Jul 2023

Need your IT3(b) Tax certificate?

Safely access your IT3(b) Income tax certificate on the App!
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To begin, go to your homepage.

Then tap on the tile that shows your account details and balance.



Only interest bearing accounts will have applicable tax certificates available for download

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On the account details screen you will see all your account information for your selected account.

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Now scroll down to Your documents and select VIEW & SAVE.

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On this screen (Your documents) you will see the list of documents that are available for your selected account:

  • stamped Bank statements
  • a Bank account confirmation letter
  • Income tax certificates
  • previous statements (statement history)


Now scroll down to the the Income tax certificates section and select the relevant tax certificate from the list.


Simply tap on the ellipses (on the right) to select the tax certificate

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Finally select your preferred share option:

  • View & save
  • Send as an email


Let's select Send as an email.

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The email address will default to your email address that is registered for your banking profile. But you have the option to select an alternative address.

When you are ready, select SEND.

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All done! Your tax certificate has successfully been sent to the email address you provided.

Select the back arrows (on the top) to return to your home screen.