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Keeping your money safe 1 June 2020

Unlink the banking app

Lost or stolen cellphone or mobile device - unlink your banking app from your device IMMEDIATELY!
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To begin, go to your homepage and select More on the bottom navigation.

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Next, select the View all devices option.

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Now you will see a list of all the devices that are linked to your banking profile.

Simply select the relevant device which you want to unlink.

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On the Device detail screen, select UNLINK DEVICE.

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Finally, select UNLINK to confirm that this is the device you want to remove from your banking profile.

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All done!

If the device you have unlinked from your banking profile is not the device that you are currently using, use the back arrow buttons in the header (top left-hand corner) to return to the home screen.

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However, if you've successfully unlinked the app from your device that you are currently using, you will immediately be returned to the login screen.