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Insurance in South Africa
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Different types of insurance

There are various types of insurance for just about every possible event in your life that might need financial assistance.

Funeral insurance

Whether it is your untimely death or the death of a loved one, burial and funerals can become very expensive. Insurance takes the financial stress and pressure off your loved ones at a time when they are mourning. 

Accident and health insurance

What happens to a family when the breadwinner becomes ill or disabled? That’s what accident and health insurance is for. It can replace your income if you suddenly find yourself unable to continue working. 

Unemployment insurance

In the unfortunate event that you get retrenched, it helps to know that you have insurance that will assist you and your family with financial security.

Home insurance

Home insurance not only covers damages due to fire, lightning etc, it also covers any permanent fittings inside your house.

Car insurance

Although car insurance is not compulsory, it is important to protect yourself in case of car theft, accidents, or fire.

Travel insurance

When travelling abroad it’s a good idea to cover yourself against risks such as unexpected medical costs or lost or stolen luggage.

Life insurance

The money you leave behind from life insurance can go a significant way to replacing your income for living expenses when you pass away.

Pet insurance

Many pet owners take out pet insurance to cover high veterinary bills. Most pet insurance policies cover illnesses, accidents, operations, and even kennels.