South Africa

Using your card

Making changes to your card is quick, safe and easy when you know how.

Get an additional card

If you’d like to arrange an additional card to be used by yourself or someone in your family, please give us a call or visit your nearest branch.

Use your card abroad

Your card is accepted at over 30 million merchants worldwide. If you plan to use it overseas, notifying us in advance means we don’t need to disturb your trip with a phone call to authenticate your purchases. Remember, buying your flight tickets using your card automatically gives you free basic travel insurance, and the option of taking up additional cover at preferential rates. You can activate your card for overseas travel in the mobile banking app by letting us know your travel dates before you leave.

  • Select ‘manage cards’
  • Choose card
  • Select ‘card settings’
  • Select ‘use card abroad’
  • Enter travel dates
  • Select ‘activate’

You can also activate your card at your nearest branch or by calling Card Customer Services.


Enable or disable card transactions

The mobile banking app allows you to enable or disable various transactions on your card:

  • All
  • ATM
  • Point of Sale
  • Online
  • International

To enable or disable card transactions in the app:

  • Select ‘manage cards’
  • Choose card
  • Select ‘card settings’

If you don’t have the app, please give us a call or visit your nearest branch.


Cheque limit reduction

What is a Cheque limit reduction?

Reduction of the amount on cheques accepted or issued at the bank from R500 000 to R50 000.

When is the change effective?

1 May 2020

What if I have a cheque issued before 1 May 2020? Will the bank accept the deposit or cash it?

No, other banks will not process cheques over R50 000 as this is an industry regulatory change.

Can the bank issue split cheques to me if an investment of mine over R50 000 has matured and I don’t have a transactional account?

No, we will not issue split cheques on the same date where an amount due to you exceeds R50 000. You will have to provide us with an account into which we can deposit your funds, or we will have to provide you with cash. However, a cash payment is not recommended as it could put you at risk of robbery.

What if I have made an ATM cheque deposit of more than R50 000?

All cheques of over R50 000 deposited at our ATMs and received after 1 May 2020 will be returned to you unpaid.

What other options are available?

The following Digital Banking platforms are available 24/7:

  • The Mobile Banking App.
  • The Immediate Payment service, where funds will be available immediately.
  • The Internet Banking Platform.
  • The Business Online Platform for bulk business payments.