South Africa

Getting started

See how you can make the most of your new credit card.

Paying your credit card account

Your statements will be sent to you via post, Email, MMS which lets you know the minimum amount payable on your account, as well as the due date.

Our pricing guide will give you a breakdown of the various rates and fees that apply to your credit card.

Credit card statements reflect your transactions and the available credit, limit and balance on your straight and budget facilities. The interest rate you’re paying is also included.

Stay in control by checking your statements every month to confirm that everything’s in order – that all transactions are reflected and were made or authorised by yourself.

  • Interim statements are available via online banking or at your nearest branch or ATM
  • Please let us know if your email address changes
  • If you don’t receive your statement, please give us a call

Link your card to your online banking profile

To link any card that you have with us to your online banking profile, please visit your nearest branch.
Remember to bring a copy of your South African ID (or passport if you’re not an SA citizen).

Get or change your PIN

Your card can’t be used without your five-digit PIN. Keep it private, and you’ll keep it safe.