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Innovation rooted in tradition
Banking that is principled, compliant and certified

Shari’ah compliant banking

If you are looking for modern banking that upholds traditional values then Shari’ah Banking may well suit your needs. Islamic banking, based on the principles of Shari’ah law, is not specific to Muslims only, and is available to anyone who wants to bank differently.

Standard Bank Shari’ah banking follows Islamic principles, and can therefore never be used for ‘unethical’ industries.

You can be rest assured that your funds are kept separate from Standard Bank’s traditional funding activities. All savings and investments are placed in Shari’ah compliant assets that have been certified by our independent Shari’ah Advisory Committee.

The Shari’ah Advisory Committee includes:

  • Chairman: Mufti Tauha Karaan
  • Member: Mufti Zaid Haspatel
  • Member: Mufti Mohammad Aamir Abdullah

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Shari'ah-compliant Fiduciary Solutions

Our specialist fiduciary team ensures that the best long-term legacy wealth management plans are selected and help you put them in place. Enabling future generations to build on the foundation of wealth you've accrued. 

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