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Paying your bond

Need to set up a debit order or arrange a fixed interest rate? Or are you looking to make extra payments or increase your monthly repayments?

Options for paying your bond

It takes years of discipline to pay off a bond. But there are ways to make the process run smoothly and settle your loan sooner.

Debit orders

The easiest and safest way to pay your home loan is via debit order. You don’t risk missing a payment, and if the base interest rate changes, your monthly repayment is automatically adjusted.

To set up a debit order

  • Call us on 0860 123 001
  • Or SMS* ‘Debit Order’ to 32663 and we’ll call you

Fixed interest rate

When the interest rate on your bond is linked to the base rate, you pay less when the base rate drops – but more when it goes up.

If you don’t have room in your budget to absorb interest hikes, you can ask us for a slightly higher fixed interest rate for 24 to 36 months.

At the end of your fixed rate contract, you’ll start paying the base rate again. But you can ask us for a new contract to continue paying a fixed rate.

To get a fixed rate

  • Call us on 0860 123 001
  • Or SMS* ‘Fixed Rate’ to 32663 and we’ll call you

Extra payments

Paying extra money into your bond every month, or making lump-sum payments, means you pay less interest and can settle your home loan sooner.

Use our calculators to see the difference that extra payments can really make.

To increase your repayments

  • Call us on 0860 123 001

*Standard network rates apply

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