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Overdraft facility

Sometimes you simply can’t avoid going over budget, and that’s when it helps to have an overdraft. It’s always there when you need it.

Some of the benefits

Anytime access

Draw money whenever you need it from an overdraft that’s always available


Change your limit via online banking, or at AutoPlus ATMs

Don’t use, don’t pay

Pay interest only on the amount that you’ve used during the month

No fuss

Avoid minimum monthly repayments, with full settlement the instant your salary is paid

Key things to know about your overdraft

How it works

  • Your overdraft is a credit facility on the bank account your income is paid into
  • No minimum monthly repayments are necessary, as the facility is topped up when your income is deposited into your account
  • You only pay interest on the amount you’ve used during the month
  • Your interest rate is linked to prime, saving you money when the prime rate drops
  • Your overdraft can be insured, so whatever’s owed can be settled in the event of disability, dread disease or death

What it costs

  • Monthly service fees apply only to overdrafts over R 500
  • Fees are regulated by the National Credit Act and will never exceed the limits set by the Act

Ways you can change your limit

  • Login to online banking, select ‘Overdraft’ and enter the amount you want
  • Send us a Call me back
  • Go to any AutoPlus ATM,  select ‘Other transactions’, go to ‘Loans/Overdraft’ and select ‘Overdraft’
  • Or speak to us at your nearest branch

What you’ll need

  • A bank account with us*
  • R 8 000 minimum monthly income

*The overdraft facility isn’t available on AccessAccounts. You must be over 18 to apply.
*Approval is subject to credit checks and Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) requirements.

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