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Opening new accounts

Apply for a Term Loan

Get a personal loan at a fixed monthly repayment amount that suits you
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To begin, on your home screen select the More icon on the bottom right the screen.

Hint: It's the last icon

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Then under Explore Products, select Open a new account.

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Now select Personal Lending.

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You are about to start your application. Browse and tap on the different sections for more information on each product and what you'll need.

Let's get started! Tap on GET QUOTE.

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First step, we need you to confirm your Gross monthly income and Total monthly expenses. Take note of the warning. You must make sure these details are correct.

Select to agree to the Terms. Then select NEXT to proceed.

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Second step Your Options available to you are displayed.

Read through all the loan options offered so you can choose the one most suited for your needs.

Here, select APPLY under Term Loan.

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Now you can personalise your loan.

Change the amount you want to borrow (if you don't want the full amount offered). Once you are happy with the details select NEXT to proceed.

Note: You can save your application for a later time if you are unsure.

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Credit Life Insurance is required for this loan. Read the terms & conditions.

When you are ready, select NEXT.

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Now you need to tell us if you know some Prominent Influential People or not.

Select each option and then select the Yes or No where applicable.

You are nearly done. Select NEXT to continue.

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We need to confirm that your details are still correct.

Select NO if not and to make any allowed updates.

Select YES to proceed no changes are needed.

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We need you confirm your repayment details. Sorry, but that's how it works.

Select Delivery method and choose from the options provided. When you are done, select NEXT to continue.

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We are almost there! Your agreement is being generated.

Select OK to continue.

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Select VIEW at the top or the VIEW AGREEMENT button at the bottom to view your new personal loan agreement.

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Excellent! Your Term Loan is here! You are one step closer to getting your loan.

Select SIGN at the top right, or bottom right of the screen. Follow the instructions for digitally signing your loan agreement.

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You are almost there. Just complete the One Time Pin (OTP) sent to your cell phone.

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Congratulations! You are done. Your loan has been approved. Your cash will be disbursed into your account within minutes.

Select DOWNLOAD CONTRACT if you want a copy on your device.

Select DONE to close and return to your homepage.