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Credit and financing

There are different types of credit available depending on your needs and the amount you want to borrow. Learn more about the types of credit and how to borrow money responsibly.

Learn more about credit and financing
Types of credit
Types of credit

Credit can be used to buy things like furniture, houses, cars, etc and pay it off over a short or long period. The type of credit you need depends on the amount you want to borrow.

Responsible borrowing
Responsible borrowing

It is important to borrow money responsibly so that you are able to repay your loan while keeping a healthy credit score.

Credit and financing
Credit, financing and loans

Finance purchases over a short or long term period by choosing between a loan, credit card or financing.

Interest vs interest rates
Interest vs interest rates: How does it work?

Financial literacy is the key to making good financial decisions. This includes not only understanding the meaning of different financial terms but also having a clear understanding of how certain factors can impact your personal finances. In this article, we look at interest and interest rates, and how they can impact you, the average consumer.