South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ACHIEVATM ?

The ACHIEVATM proposition is a solution which fulfils the customer transactional and credit needs with added free benefits that solve for the client’s needs. Moving away from product focus to a more holistic view at a client level.

2. What is included in the ACHIEVATM ?

The ACHIEVATM provides a bundled offering which comes with

  • MyMo PLUS transactional account,
  • Gold Credit Card,
  • Additional Free benefits which include:
    • Free Will,
    • Free R10k Personal Accident cover,
    • Access to money management tools,
    • Access to Mastercard Priceless app (Priceless Specials MEA)
3. Who is the target audience? / Who is ACHIEVATM for ?
  • Young adults with consistent income. Mostly between 25 and 35 and are earning a minimum of R8k per month.
4. What is the qualifying criteria for the ACHIEVATM ?

a. 18 years or older & have a South African ID*or a valid passport
b. Be living in South Africa
c. Min gross income/deposits from R8k and above monthly.

5. Who doesn’t qualify for the ACHIEVATM ?

Customers that:

a) Are younger than 18 years

b) Do not reside in South Africa

c) Does not take the bundled Credit Card together with the MyMo PLUS.

6. What are the different channels of getting the ACHIEVATM ?

Customer can apply online : On SBSA website ( a call you back, EVB, Branch.

7. What are the mandatory products that make me qualify for the ACHIEVATM ?

MyMo PLUS transactional account and the Gold Credit card (Exception if the credit card is declined only – all declines).

8. Can I still qualify for the ACHIEVATM and its benefits if I was declined for the credit card

Yes, you can.

9. How does this ACHIEVATMwork?

We do not sell products, we now need to sell a proposition which is made up of the bundle MyMo PLUS account and a Gold Credit Card which comes with other benefits.

10. What are the benefits attached to the ACHIEVATM ?

a. Free Personal Accident cover worth R10k
b. Free Will
c. Free Money Management tools
d. Access to Masterpass Priceless (Priceless Specials MEA)


11. Which credit card do I get with the ACHIEVATM ?

The Gold Credit Card.

12. For how long is the ACHIEVATM valid?

It has no end date.

13. How much does it cost to take up the ACHIEVATM ?

You will still pay the R115 for the MyMo PLUS and an additional R63 for the Gold Credit Card per month.

14. If I am declined for the credit card, do I still have to pay the R63 per month?

No, you only pay the R63 if you have been approved and take up the Credit Card.

15. Can I pay my banking fees annually for the ACHIEVATM ?

No, fees are paid monthly

16. Is the ACHIEVATM transactional card different for the MyMo PLUS account card?

No there is no ACHIEVATM transactional card, the ACHIEVATM is supported by a MyMo PLUS card and a gold credit card.

17. Is the ACHIEVATM transactional account charge differently to the MyMo PLUS account?

No, there is no ACHIEVATM  transactional account therefore, it is not.

18. How do I activate the ACHIEVATM? What does activation look like for the ACHIEVATM?

Once you have taken up the MyMo PLUS and the Gold Credit Card, follow the MyMo PLUS and Gold Credit Card current activation rules, you will then activate the ACHIEVATM. You will them have access to the free benefits attached to the ACHIEVATM.

19. What happens if I cancel the credit card a few months after taking up the ACHIEVATM ?

Do I still qualify for the benefits that are attached to the ACHIEVATM ? Yes, you do.

20. How do I qualify for the free accidental cover?

You automatically qualify for the cover once you have taken up the ACHIEVATM, no additional requirements thereafter.

21. How does the accidental cover work?

Customers automatically qualify for the cover when they hold a qualifying transactional account (MyMo PLUS), and which is active at the time of death.

22. Where do I get documents to read on the proposition?


23. What is Masterpass Priceless (Priceless Specials MEA)?

It’s a Mastercard priceless experience program which offers discounts on travel, food, leisure and other lifestyle experiences for customers who hold a mastercard product.

24. How does Masterpass Priceless (Priceless Specials MEA) work?

Download the app and sign up to get access to the offers (**offers are dependent on location).

25. How does the Wills work?

The WILL is drafted for free provided SBFC is selected as the executor of the estate at the time of death.

26. Do I need to take up the Will to qualify for the ACHIEVATM ?

No, the Will is available to the customer for free as additional benefit (customer can choose whether to take it or not).

27. What are the money management tools?

These are budgeting and Credit Score tools. They enable the client in viewing their expenditure and managing their money.

28. How and where do I get the money management tools?

On the banking app, under the “Add-ons” icon. Then add: Credit Score, Money Movement and Budget manager.