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Debit order switching

Debit order switching

Have a new Standard Bank account?

Switched your bank accounts to Standard Bank? We will assist you in switching your debit orders quickly and easily

Debit Order Switching Disclaimer




Switch your debit orders in a few easy steps at no charge


No need to visit and queue at a branch

We do the work

Our Call Me Back team will do all the work and keep you informed of the progress

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Earn UCount reward points by paying your bills via debit order


What is a debit order?

A debit order is when you’ve given a third party the permission to collect money from your bank account. Examples of debit orders are monthly subscriptions, insurance premiums or loan payments. It’s important to note that you need to give permission for these collections to occur.

What is debit order switching

Debit order switching is a service that allows you to move your current debit orders from your existing bank account to your new Standard Bank account

What you will need to complete the switching form

  • Your new Standard Bank current account details
  • Your personal details
  • Your previous bank account details
  • The following details for each debit order:

1. Collector’s name
2. Collector’s telephone number
3. Policy / account reference number
4. Policy holder’s name
5. Frequency of debit order
6. Date of debit order
7. Amount being collected

Debit Order Switching Disclaimer

How to switch debit orders?

  • Download and complete the Debit Order Switching Form
  • Take a few minutes to complete the form
  • Once you have completed the form, please email to [email protected]
  • We will keep you updated  regarding the progress of your Debit Order Switching request
  • Rather chat to someone? Complete our Call Me Back form and we will contact you

Debit Order Switching Disclaimer

Beneficiaries that don’t allow us to switch your debit orders on your behalf

Please see the  list of beneficiaries that we can’t switch.

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