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Student loans

Studying full- or part-time? Apply online for pre-approval on a student loan to fund your next-level education.

Some of the benefits


Get your tuition and accommodation paid now and only pay for the interest and fees while studying


Get your tuition paid upfront and make your monthly repayments via debit order

Quick pre-approval

Finalise your loan in-branch once it’s been provisionally approved online

No penalties

Pay no additional charges if you’re able to settle your loan early

Get started

Registered at an accredited tertiary institution and be studying towards a certificate, diploma, degree or a postgraduate degree?

Key things to know about your loan

How it works

  • Tuition and accommodation* are paid to the institution or residence
  • Loans are granted for one year of study at a time
  • You submit your marks and proof of registration on fulfilment of the loan
  • A once-off initiation and monthly service fee are charged on your student loan
  • Courses must be accredited by the Department of Higher Education, SAQA, SETA or Umalusi

*Accommodation is only covered for full-time students

Paying off your loan

Studying full-time?

  • You'll need someone to sign surety on your loan*
  • While you’re studying, your surety pays the monthly interest and service fees
  • You start repaying the loan once you’ve finished studying
  • If it takes you a while to find a job, you can ask for a grace period
  • Grace periods can be extended for articles, internships or community service
  • Your loan can  be insured, so that any amount owed can be settled in the event of disability, dread disease or death

*Your surety will need to earn at least R 3 000 a month

Studying part-time?

  • You'll only need someone to sign surety on your loan if you earn less than R 5 000 a month*
  • Monthly repayments are made by debit order while you’re studying
  • There are no early settlement penalties
  • If you quit your studies, the full outstanding amount is due immediately
  • Your loan can  be insured, so that any amount owed can be settled in the event of disability, dread disease or death

Applying for your student loan

You’ll need to be registered at an accredited tertiary institution for a certificate or an under- or post-graduate diploma or degree.

You’ll also need to provide us with your academic results, so we know you passed the previous year.

You can apply for immediate provisional approval now through our Youth Applications microsite.

What you’ll need



After you’ve applied

Once your loan is provisionally approved, come in to see us at your nearest branch.

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