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Grow your wealth with a private banking account
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Grow your wealth with a private banking account

Many South Africans strive to achieve financial stability and to live comfortably. This can be a long journey that requires perseverance and discipline. When you have reached a certain level of financial security, it is important to manage your growing wealth to keep it secure for your future.

Private banking clients tend to be in the process of accumulating a substantial amount of wealth or are already in possession thereof. As such, they need products and financial solutions designed to protect and consolidate that wealth.

We have two accounts aimed at this particular demographic: the Private Banking Account and the Signature Banking Account.

The Private Banking Account caters to clients with a minimum monthly income of R58 000. For a monthly fee of R369, you can get access to a private banking team that will provide you with diverse short- and long-term savings and investment options to grow your earnings. The account also provides you with information about trusts, estate planning and insurance to secure your family’s financial future. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Bespoke portfolio management on request by Melville Douglas
  • Discounted rates through our Online Share Trading platform
  • 12 Complimentary visits per year to Bidvest airport lounges on your credit card
  • Up to 20%* off Emirates flights when you book through Leisure Desk
  • Up to 10%* off Hertz car rentals when you book using your credit card
  • 1GB per month AlwaysOn Wi-Fi for 12 months (R19 once off) available via your credit card
  • Monthly statements via email and notifications on transactions via MyUpdates
  • Access to a free offshore bank account*
  • Your monthly account fees back in Standard Bank Mobile airtime*

The Signature Banking Account is for individuals with a minimum monthly income of R92 000. For R469 per month, you can grow your wealth through bespoke portfolio management from Melville Douglas. Additionally, the account comes with benefits that you can share with 5 family members, including the following:

  • World Citizen Credit Card
  • Access to your Signature Banker via phone
  • Our dedicated Signature Travel Desk, which is available to assist you with travel bookings, visas, forex and comprehensive travel insurance
  • Access to airport lounges when your family members are with you
  • 10% Off flights and hotel rooms booked via Cleartrip
  • Up to 20% off on Emirates flights* when you book through Leisure Desk
  • Up to 15% off Hertz car rentals plus 1 free car upgrade
  • Up to 15% off luxury serviced apartments
  • Access to a free offshore bank account

One of the most important investments you can make is ensuring that you take the time to plan your financial future, with the right guidance. Making informed decisions about how to manage your wealth helps you and your family feel secure about your financial future and stability.

*Terms and conditions apply.