Trouble paying off your home loan?

Tips for easier repayments


Create a budget each month and understand what you spend money on

Call us

Call us to ask about your instalment due date and amount if you are uncertain

Don't miss a payment

Don't miss a home loan payment. If you are going to miss payments, make arrangements with us, so we can help you

We can help you sell property

If you need help in selling your property our EasySell programme can help you.

How to qualify

  • Your Standard Bank home loan is in arrears; and
  • You can no longer afford the repayments on your home loan

Features and benefits

EasySell will help you attract the right buyer by assisting them with bond finance

Discount of up to 10% on your outstanding bond balance (applicable if there is a shortfall)

Outstanding rates, taxes, levies and compliance certificates can be paid from your loan and will form part of the shortfall

Repay your shortfall over 5 to 10 years – interest free

The buyer gets a 50% discount on their transfer and bond fees, provided the same attorney is used for transfer and bond registration


  • EasySell is a private service that will help sell your property and settle your home loan with minimum fuss.

How to apply


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Find out how much you qualify for, how you can make repayments, and how fast you can pay off your home loan.

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