Use funds from your home loan

How it works

Access to funds

An AccessBond allows you to have access to funds that you have paid over and above the required monthly instalment. You must link your AccessBond facility to an existing Standard Bank transactional account to be able to transfer funds.

Unlimited transfers

There is no limit to the number or value of deposits or transfers you may make into the account

Instalments increase

Your instalments will automatically increase in relation to your balance as you transfer surplus funds from your home loan account.

Instalments decrease

You will have to specifically request recalculation of the monthly instalment based on the outstanding balance to decrease the instalment amount. Instalments do not automatically decrease.

How to qualify

  • You have a Standard Bank home loan
  • You have a Standard Bank transactional account (such as a current or savings account)

Features and benefits

Easily transfer funds via ATMs or Internet banking

Free electronic transfers to or from your home loan account

Apply for a home loan as a private individual; with another person(s); or as a business entity, such as a trust or company

Register a bond greater than the loan amount you need. You can access the extra funds later by applying for a further loan. This saves you time and money because you won’t need to go through the home loan registration process again to access extra funds.

Option to include Home Owner's Insurance

Additional information

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  • To view a complete list of Standard Bank repossessed and sale in execution properties, visit
How to apply

Apply online as an individual or as a business (have your signed offer to purchase ready)

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