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Make teaching kids about money fun

Kidz Banking app

Use the who’s who of the Kidz banking app zoo to make it fun for young children to save.

With the help of Standard Bank’s Kidz Banking app and the Big 5 animal friends, teaching your children about managing their money has never been more fun.

Let elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and rhino show your little ones what it means to earn and save money as well as share in the enjoyment of spending their well-earned cash.

So, who’s who in the zoo?

Elephant (Rewards)

  • As your children use the app to complete various actions – achieving savings goals, completing missions and achieving wishes – elephant will reward them with various badges
  • Earned badges are displayed in the elephant habitat as well as ‘locked’ badges still to be achieved by completing certain actions
  • Reward your children as they earn new badges.

Leopard (Missions)

  • Reward your kids, or pay their pocket money, for completing ‘missions’: household chores, achievements etc.
  • You can create a mission for your child, or your child can request a new mission. Once created, you or your child will be notified, and it must be accepted
  • The mission needs to be completed by your child and approved by you before you can pay him or her.

Lion (Wishes)

  • Help your children create and fulfil wishes (something they would like to buy along with the rand value and saving timeframe) and track their savings progress
  • Once their savings goal is reached, lion will notify you of their achievement. From your banking app, you can see your children’s wish cards.

Buffalo (Spend)

  • Your little ones can request to withdraw cash or buy airtime and data from you using their savings
  • Once notified via SMS, you must approve the request via the Kidz Banking tile in your banking app
  • Your child can only have one request at a time.

Rhino (Balance)

  • Rhino shows your child’s latest account balance and transactions.

Next step

Download the Standard Bank’s Kidz Banking app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Use the comment field section in the Community to interact with other Standard Bank customers using the Kidz Banking app and bank consultants.