Get to your Next with a Standard Bank Gold Credit Card

There are Gold cards, and then there is the Standard Bank Gold credit card. Now with new exciting benefits, why wouldn’t you get Gold to the power of Next?

Apply for your Gold Credit Card Today and Get Exclusive Access to:

Up to 25%* off Emirates flights.
When booking through or 087 236 6557.
Free basic travel insurance.
With cover up to 90* days when paying for flights with your Standard Bank Credit Card
1GB of Wi-Fi data.
At AlwaysOn hotspots monthly, for only R19 once- off. Register at
Buy 4 movie tickets, pay for 3*.
To book, register as a SK Club member at

Extra benefits

Free notifications
Enjoy MyUpdates every time money leaves or enters your account at no cost to you.
Globally accepted Use your Gold Credit Card anywhere in the world, just remember to activate your card for overseas travel.
Up to R100 000* credit limit.
With a minimum monthly repayment of 3%* on your outstanding balance
Earn a minimum of 45%* more UCount Rewards points.
When you swipe your Gold Credit Card.

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