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Manage your accounts, limits, make payments and send money safely online.

Latest Features
Apply for a personal loan_OB_content tile
Apply for Personal Loan

Now you can apply for a personal loan online in quick and easy steps.

Not registered to pay bills/Add, edit, or delete beneficiaries/recipients_OB_content tile
Reverse Debit Orders

Keep your beneficiaries list up-to-date for fast, easy payments.

Manage personal account details_OB_content tile
Manage EAP limit

Manage your personal EAP limit with ease from your preferred device.

Most used features
Buy airtime_OB_content tile
Buy airtime

Don’t get stuck without airtime. Buy it directly from your online banking. Quick and easy.

Make payments to beneficiaries_OB_content tile
Make payments to beneficiaries

Make quick and easy online payments.Make quick and easy online payments.

View account balances_OB_content tile
View account balances

Need to double-check account balances? Sign in and review your balances in minutes.

Buy data content tile
Buy data

Top up in minutes. Buy data online, never miss a beat.

Buy prepaid electricity_OB_content tile
Buy prepaid electricity

Don’t get caught in the dark, buy prepaid electricity quick and easy.

Make once-off payments to beneficiaries_OB_content tile
Make once-off payments to beneficiaries

Quick and easy online payments.

Make inter-account transfers_OB_content tile
Make inter-account transfers

Move your money to and from accounts with ease anytime you need.

Make payment to large retailer accounts (MyBills)_OB_content tile
Buy SMS Bundles

Stay connected. Log in and buy sms bundles straight from smartphone or tablet.

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